About us

 Hi there I'm just a average girl just like you working hard to continue to be an entrepreneur. I have left corporate America for 2 years and loving every moment of it. Sometimes we doubt if we can make it on our own but I am proof that you can!

So why She's A Beat Beauty and the brand Beat Lashes? Well it all started when I first started wearing false lashes. I would go and get them done at the salon but I am so cheap lol that I would go as long as I could before I would get them redone. I know I know not good but I did. Then one day when I looked at my lashes when the false ones was removed I was thinking um where is my real lashes lol!

Yes I still had them but they look stunted and that was not hot. So I decided to stop for a while and look for a different solution. Well I tried my old false strips but honestly I hate trying to put those things on with the glue. Then I tried the magnetic lashes (rolling my eyes) um yeah never could get those two crazy lashes to look right and they felt heavy.

So back to the drawing board and I found a great solution which was the 3D fiber lash mascara. Yay! They work great because it doesn't damage your lashes the way that getting false lashes put in. So when I just want to add some length to my lashes on the day to day that is exactly what I use! However sometimes it doesn't give me the dramatic look that I am look for.

What to do? Don't get me wrong I like using the 3D fiber lash mascara on chill days but when I want that extra I wondered what to do. A friend of mine gave me some 3D mink lashes and bae bae I loved the dramatic look that they gave me. BUT once again I hate that cray glue and had a hard time putting them on. Then boom I tried the magnetic lash liner with magnetic eyelashes and I couldn't believe how easy they were to put in.

YES! I found it! 3D fiber mascara during the week and the magnetic eyelashes with the magnetic liner for the dramatics. But then I was like um yeah this is not cheap $55 for one pair and $35 for additional pairs. You can use each pair for about 30 uses so I was thinking man that can get expensive.

That's why I can up with Beat Lashes, they are cute 3D false lashes that look so cute, sultry and dramatic without that high price tag! And I thought why not also have a few other products that are affordably priced! I hope you enjoy!

If you need to contact us email us at: support@shesabeatbeauty.com