Collection: Makeup Brushes

Don't even imagine creating your dream look if you don't have the a makeup brush set. A perfect collection of makeup brushes is necessary to achieve a flawless makeup look. But before that, you must know which makeup brushes you must have and how to use makeup brushes. Certain face and eye makeup brushes are prerequisites, and you should know each one of them.

Face makeup brushes such as foundation brush, powder brush, concealer brush, blush brush, and contour brush are essential.

Foundation brush is required for flawless coverage, powder brush for the perfect blending of powder, and concealer brush for targeting pigmented and discolored areas of the face. Similarly, the blush brush is an utmost requirement to apply blush, bronzer, or face powder, and a contour brush is essential for contouring and sculpting face features.

How can a makeup look be completed without eye makeup? Eye makeup is possible only if you have some cute eyeshadow brushes.

An essential rounded fluffy eyeshadow brush is needed for blending and applying color over the lid. A Creased brush with a tapered appearance helps in making perfect eye look. Angled eyeshadow brush makes the eye look complete with eyeliner application. The sharp winged eyeliner that you always wish to achieve is possible with an angled eyeliner brush. Another important brush is a short eyeshadow brush for the smallest eye makeup details, such as adding a highlighter to the inner corner, defining edges of eyes, or smoked out lash line. Last but not least, an eyebrow brush is the one you should never forget to buy.

Now you can check out some of our eyeshadow brushes and see what best fits your needs. Are you just looking for face brushes, eyeshadow brushes or the whole full set. Blinged brushes are amazing and so fun to use to apply your makeup, they eyeshadow brushes are perfect for creating different depths to your eyeshadow and then there is the professional set that is a great starter! Let’s see which one you like below!

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