Gel Nail Extensions at Home Do’s and Don’ts

Gel Nail Extensions at Home Do’s and Don’ts

Do you want to do gel nail extensions at home? Whether you’re trying to save money or you are not able to access professional services, learning to do gel nail extensions at home is a great skill to have. You can achieve different looks and ensure your hands are always looking their best.

However, achieving that fun polished look that gel nail extensions provide isn’t easy. It isn’t impossible either. Educating yourself about the dos and don’ts of applying gel nail extensions is the best place to start.

The do’s

1. Knowledge is power

Being able to achieve that polished look is life changing. Like any other life changing journey, you should start by learning as much as you can. The internet is a great source of information. Learn about different methods that professionals use, watch tutorials and read about tips and tricks. This is a great way to learn. It is also a great way to determine whether you want to go ahead with doing gel nail extensions at home.

2. Get your supplies

It’s important to have all the things you need for your manicure before you get started. You don’t want to get to a step and have to run to the drug store to buy something that’s missing. You will need to have:

 A gel lamp
 Acetone
 Cleansing alcohol
 Paper towels
 A clean up brush
 Lint-free wipes
 Gel nail strips
 A buffer
 A nail file
 A cuticle pusher
 Nail primer
 Gel topcoat
 Cuticle oil
 Nail clips

A great way to ensure your basics are covered is to invest the best polygel nail kit you can find. Many kits include the basic supplies required to get started with gel extensions including gel nail extensions, nail files, buffers, primers and much more.

3. Prep your nails properly

If you want to achieve a polished look, you should ensure the foundation is prepared properly. You can do this by preparing your nails properly. Remove any gel polish or lacquer on your nails. This will ensure your extensions adhere securely to your nails. Apply cuticle oil and push your cuticles back gently. Cut
and file your nails too. Remove any dead skin or hang nails from the sides of your nails. Buff your nails lightly and wipe them down with rubbing alcohol.


1. Don’t wash your hands

Yes, you should wash your hands in preparation for applying the extensions. It is important to ensure that your nails are as dry as possible. This is why professionals apply dehydrating solutions when applying gel nail extensions.
If you make the mistake of washing your hands when prepping your nails for the extensions, be sure to dry them thoroughly. You may also want to wait for a while before you proceed with applying the extensions.

2. Let the gel or glue touch the skin

It is important to avoid direct skin contact with the gel or glue. These products aren’t made for the skin. If left to cure, they can ruin your results. For example, gel left to cure on skin can cause the entire coat to lift and ruin your manicure completely. If you want polished results, take your time when applying these products. If any product gets on your skin, use a cotton earbud dipped in acetone to clean it off gently.

Want to achieve that polished look without seeking professional services? You can definitely achieve great results with gel nail extensions at home. Pay attention to the do’s and don’ts listed above for the best results.

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