How to Use Your Blinged Makeup Brushes?

How to Use Your Blinged Makeup Brushes?

Having a perfect collection of makeup brushes is essential to create a flawless and airbrushed look. Every makeup artist needs some brushes for easier makeup application.

However, if you don't have the proper makeup brush set, you can never achieve that poreless and beautiful look you have always wanted. That being said, there are so many varieties of makeup brushes available in the market, and it's pretty hard to decide which one you really need and how to use all the makeup brushes. Blinged makeup brushes are also one type that makeup artists use. Makeup artists, social media bloggers, and vloggers also love using blinged makeup brushes in their tutorials.

If you are interested in using blinged makeup brushes for your daily makeup, read our guide to know the brushes you must have and how to use them:

Face Makeup Brushes

●     Foundation Makeup Brush

The Foundation brush is the most important brush of all. A foundation brush is crucial whether you want to create a full coverage or a no-makeup look. It is required for both liquid and powder formulas. While buying, always try to get a bit dense and soft brush with enough surface area to cover the face easily.

●    Powder Makeup Brush

The powder brush is another vital brush that must be a part of your beauty collection. As celebrity makeup artist Melissa Hurkman says, it should be fluffy, soft, and flexible to blend the powder right into your skin and get a smooth, flawless look.

●    Concealer Makeup Brush

It is smaller than a foundation brush and targets face areas with pigmentation and discoloration. It should be soft and a bit angled to create a smooth base under the eyes, around the mouth, and face.

●    Blush Makeup Brush

This is another must-have bling brush in your collection. You can use it for blush on and apply other products such as bronzer, face powder, etc. When you buy it, always make sure that it is not as large as powder brushes so that it doesn’t cover most of your face.

●    Contour Makeup Brush

Contour brushes come in different sizes and shapes. Instead of buying all of them, just get one good quality medium-sized contour brush and use it for all purposes related to contouring. Use it for sculpting cheek contours or for sculpting the chin and forehead.

Eye Makeup Brushes

●    Eyeshadow Brush

An all-over eyeshadow brush is a rounded fluffy beginner-friendly brush that can be used for various purposes. If you are still not pro at blending and sticking to one wash of color over the lids, start with this brush and then move on to other eye brushes for specific purposes.

●    Eyeshadow Crease Brush

This is the eyeshadow brush that you should have. It has a fluffy tapered appearance for the perfect eyeshadow application in the crease. You probably have seen many beauty artists applying transition colors with this brush to create a bright eye look.

If you are a beginner, you need some time to get the hang of this brush.

●    Angled Eyeliner Brush

You can find several types of eyeliner brushes out there, such as pointed or pencil-like. However, if you have an angled eyeliner brush, you can use it for every type of eyeliner application. This brush makes the creation of sharp winged eyeliner pretty easy.

●    Short Eyeshadow Brush

A short eyeshadow brush is another necessary brush for small details in eye makeup. A small brush can be used to add a highlighter to the inner corner of the eyes, define the edges of eyes or smoke out the lower lash line.

●    Eyebrow Brush

Your eye makeup will never look flawless if you forget to make your eyebrows. And that's why eyebrow brushing is very important. It is used for taming and styling of brows.

Typically, you will get an eyebrow brush as a double-sided brush with a comb side and brush side. With a brow brush, you can set even the craziest brows. Just use it to straighten your brows and fill in with brow products.

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